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Started by Tony Budak, June 29, 2020, 01:50:18 am

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Tony Budak

On 6/9/2020, 3:05 AM, Tony Budak wrote:

Hello Alan, I am humbled by your reply, and your basic questions, both are full of interesting elements that tell me a lot. Thank you.

So not having a recipe for you, there is the Stone Soup way, so here are a few imperative action stones I wish for the pot.
1)    The following is a partial answer to your request for my opinion on the planned web site, thus much of the ideas below are for insertion prior to the sites launch. And many can done immediately.

2)    This email discussion in this private silo must stop, and be relocated to a public cyber space forum, not on Facebook. I suggest the Commons use their own the digital forum . Why, because the program is open source not for profit, manages unlimited topic conversation threads for easy access and documentation purposes. And all of the information previously noted would be posted available for public reading, comment, and later decision making. For an example CLICK

3)    The above discussion forum must have a small core of lively part time admin - facilitators with a democratic consciousness, a teaching and listening skill set to doing with people and not to them. Their main role is to listen and ask questions that develop and document ideas.

4)  Consistent regular weekly hosted QiqiChat-Zoom gatherings or public in person open agenda group meetings to build trust and more.

5)    Increase participation in the planning process by hosting a well-publicized kickoff campaign event on a Friday thru Sunday event, using Open Space Technology , a skilled OST convenor to an in-person group gathering. If social distancing is in effect do it in cyber space.

6)   The essential key to the OST event is a compelling invitation which Geoff Henny provides in his challenge; "Exploring and implementing an Ann Arbor Center of the City Commons Local Currency and Trading Exchange System as a formation and startup driver for the Commons.

7)    The kickoff event and the above conversation forum will improve participation and connectivity through an iterative process to begin knowing the Commons community and knitting the Commons community to begin weaving a mutual and reciprocal network of asset-based capacity for the goals determined by the Ann Arbor Center of the City Self Governing Commons.

8)    Create a TimeBank service exchange, it will need a unique name, ask for suggestion at the above forums.

9)    Be sure that the timebank contains a set of core values.

10)    Suggested TimeBank Purposes
         a) Ann Arbor must walk the talk, all are invited to join the Timebank gifting support in some way while at the same earning and documenting pay forward spendable time credit points. This process of developing a community of interest should always come first and remain first throughout the design and practice process.

b)        b) To raise the value of community learning by thanking, acknowledging, and documenting in the timebank data base all gifted work time members do for individual and collective development. "To construct a new learning dialogue, the message being that "if you help build the collective capacity of your Learning Network, your Learning Network will help the development of your individual capacity".  
Many ideas here above are from Margaret Wheatley, June Holley, Marie Nelson, David Ellerman, Edgar Cahn, Chris Gray, Geoff Thomas. Lucas Cioffi, Harrison Owen, and my work mates in the labor movement. Thank you

Wish to chat with Tony, CLICK

Thanks again for creating our tomorrows,
 Tony Budak,
 at TimeBank Mahoning Watershed

On 6/8/2020 11:05 PM, alan haber wrote:

Quote from: undefinedhi Tony..

If you have particular language, and description of practical process in our reality, please put it in the mix.  Please give a critical reading to the website. draft
What more is needed, or less?   

Ann Arbor has about 115,000 residents and about 40,000 students and maybe 40,000 commuter workers.  The structure of our endeavor should be about to scale up to include all such, as well as non-resident partners and co-commoners and collaborators elsewhere in the world.

if you have in mind a proposal of the particular elements to be in an introduction tutorial or orientation of citizenship in this commons, please say what. I did look, before, and again at the money book you sent, downloaded to my desktop,  and explored within..In simple truth though,  too many pages for me, now. I like the Toulouse plan that I fell uon looking for ithaca hours. Maybe we'll check it out when Odile and I are in France July and August, if we can. 

I consider this is a completely open situation (in a maelstrom of political contention and global urgencies) which we can define in as high and aspirational terms as we like, and challenge ourselves, and others who join, to exceed expectations, and, asbest we can,to use the knowledge we have.  

all good wishes
With Respect and Cheers,
Tony Budak, Site Owner and Webmaster

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