Raising the Value of Learning

Started by Tony Budak, June 22, 2020, 05:32:10 pm

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Tony Budak

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Recognizing that communities are full of unused talent, skill,
knowledge and experience; the challenge is how to re-engage
these people into a learning culture that is relevant to their lives,
supports their aspirations and recognizes their own inherent talents

Knowledge is Power - Raising the Value of Learning

"In the new holistic, all-embracing world of the 21st Century,
every individual becomes a depositor into and a with drawer
from the bank of knowledge which comprises the learning society".
Norman Longworth and Keith Davies - Lifelong Learning

'Raising the Value of Learning' considers the co-production of a new 'learning currency', created by the agreement of different players in the 'learning system' to give and receive time, recorded in the form of 'Time to Learn Credits' (TLCs).

When anyone works in the unpaid core economy, I invite them to join a local TimeBank, then administration, meeting practices, and all unpaid work efforts are thanked and documented with spendable Time Credits. A Super COOL way to learn and volunteer!

Interested? Contact Tony Budak https://pickatime.acuityscheduling.com/Or simply write your thoughts here.

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